Bandage Changes

These were done twice while he was out here. Typically it can take three to four hours. It took us four and a half. The first day he had a really rough time. The second time he was much more calm and very happy at the end when it was all over, as you can see from the pictures. Poor little guy, you can certainly tell how painful it is for him. It is truly a life changing experience to go through with him. He has so much grace to deal with the hand he was dealt, and to do it the way he does is amazing to see. It makes you so grateful for everything you have and sheds a whole new light on what I would call difficulties in my life. Anim is amazing. She is the best mom in the whole world. They have such a special bond and she knows exactly how to handle him and keep him comforted throughout the process. I have never seen her complain she is so positive. I’m sure that rubs off on him.

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