Yard sale for HopeforWilliam Update: July 24th!

Hey guys, just giving everyone an update on the Yard Sale! I have moved it to next weekend. It will be on the 24th from about 10:00 to 5:00 or so. I have had a really great response so I think it will be really good.

Thank you very much to, Alisa & Matt, Matt & Tracy, Linda & Lori, Andrew & Brenda, Jessica, Jon & Amy, Dave & Megan for your donations so far. I am very appreciative and so is my sister Anim.

Brandy, Arden & KyLee are going to have a lemonade and snack stand. They are so excited to help and be a part of it. Thanks Tracy!!!!!!!  If anyone wants to stop by, our house is open and I will have some pizza’s there to thank you all for your kind efforts!

Thank you again so much. For any of you who still have stuff to donate, please let me know if you need help getting it here. I can make another run this coming week to do pick ups!

All proceeds go to www.HopeforWilliam.com click here if you want to learn more! 
Thanks again!

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