Update on William! April 28th 2010

So I talked to my sister today. It looks like they will be discharging him on Monday! If all goes as planned with no complications. They have made an exception to the rule, “No morphine sent home”. He is a rule breaker!!!! He has so much energy. His infection on his belly has healed up so he is not on the antibiotics for now. His feet have a lot more tissue on them and are continuing to heal slowly. He will receive house calls from a nurse daily at home for now to help with the daily bandage changes. He still has blisters in his mouth and some new ones that are quite large on his back. She said he is so alert and even pushed himself up on his arms to hold himself up, that was when they tried to lay him on his belly. He is a strong little boy! My sister is staying strong and again is extremely thankful for all of your support! She will stay in San Antonio for now because she likes his primary doctor.  Your donations as of right now, will go to help her put a deposit on the small house that she will be renting. My Dad John, is moving the family up to live with them and help them out. It’s a full-time job for two people so Thank you DAD! You are the best!

Here are the latest pictures!

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