William Turns 2

Happy Birthday William!!!! You have come such a long way.

I miss you so much!!!! 

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3 responses to “William Turns 2”

  1. Rebecca Uming Avatar
    Rebecca Uming

    Your nephew is such an inspiration. Most people don’t realize how amazing this is for him to turn 2. I’m beyond ecstatic. Thanking the lord. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

    1. Yea It really is. He has great care which I sure is a part of it. There are others that are not so lucky. He really has the best mom in the world. Thanks for your kind words and prayers!

  2. Larina,

    I am so grateful you keep me in the news posts. William looks so happy. I am grateful to know about William and EB through you. I agree this 2 year old birthday is an amazing feet. I wish William and his parents all of the good wishes still yet to unfold in their lives.

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