Pictures from the Butterfly Ball

It was a success! We had a wonderful time. Thank you Laurie Sterner you did a terrific job! 

The butterfly Ball was a benefit put on last week by Laurie Sterner in Sonoma California. She started helping EB children years back and has done amazing things for the EB community. I met her online and she invited me us out to the event as guests of honor. William was chosen to be one of the beneficiaries of the event and we were happy to provide some sort of representation. William was not able to travel with his mom but they were very grateful to be a part, if even from afar! It was a great event with live music, great food and a silent and live auction. Everything at the ball was donated and everyone there was a volunteer. It was amazing to see so many people come together for such a great cause. During the event they held a ceremony where everyone received a live butterfly to release into the air. The little boy in the pictures name is Garrett. As Brandy was helping him release his butterfly it landed on his face and Chris got a picture of it. It was an incredible site and touching to see people’s reactions. Thank you again Laurie. We are very grateful!

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