Thank you all! Results from the Yard Sale……..

Hey Everyone! Thank you so so so very much for you contributions towards the YARD SALE! You helped to make it a success! We we able to raise $1,188 in donations for baby William and his family!!!!!! It was a long day but a lot of fun! The kids had so much fun selling lemonade, cookies, and popcorn! We received lots of small donations and got rid of almost all of our JUNK!!!!! Even better!!!!!

A very special thanks to Lori Bingham, Alisa, Chris, Matt & Tracy Ritter, Stacy Hochman, Stephanie Berlin & Amy McClain for helping to work the yard sale, carry heavy loads and keep things in order! Thank you Brandy, KyLee, Ella, Arden and Hadley for working the stand and being the traffic directors!
A big thanks to those of you who donated items. We could not have done this without you!
Alisa Vinson
Cindy Lunberg
Andrew & Brenda Steers
Dave & Megan Ness
Jon & Amy McClain
Nathan Russel & Phoebe Prouhet
Michelle Bush & Scott Fornilias
Vickey & Scott Newman
Karen Keldi
Jessica Anderson
Lise & Ric Bellmar
Cammie & Buck Latta
Linda Reed & Lori Bingham
Matt & Tracy Ritter
Stacy Hochman
Pete McClain
Marlene & Stan Perry
Julie & Tom Gleichmann
John & Jill
Another big thanks for your cash donations to Pete McClain, Nathan Russel &  Mark Hintz! They are greatly appreciated!!!!

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