Hey guys this is Really Really important to me. I want to ask you to please just take three minutes to read this.

 I hate hate hate asking people for favors and I am not a fan of chain e-mails (which this is not) and I don’t appreciate solicitors. I had what I thought, was a really good idea and I want to see if anyone else agrees. Most all of you know, through my facebook postings, what I have been going through with my sister, or I should actually say what my sister is going through. That is, with Baby William. When the news first came out about three months ago, I/she received a lot of support from people whose hearts were touched by the tragic situation that she is in. Thanks again so much to all of you who helped out at the time.

As with most things, it hard to keep the support going once the news is not brand new, or the first time someone has heard about it. I was sitting there trying to figure out new ideas for ways to help, without asking people for actual donations. Anim had given me a list, about a month ago, of so many of the household items that they need for the long term. That is because they have had to move to be closer to the hospital. The story of William, born just three months ago, is here on my personal blog that I created just for him (for those of you who don’t know) Click on the Hope for William button to the right. Most of you already know the story so I’m trying not to be repetitive. The list was long and so far I have had very little success in getting these items. A lot of these items are things which many people that I have spoken to, have told me that they would love to donate. The problem, and the reason I have had very little success in getting these, is because they are too costly to ship.

So my idea: YARD SALE!!!!!! One of the items on the list was a rocking chair. Cammie Latta had a rocking chair to donate but when I researched the shipping price is was nearly $400. Not Going to Happen. I know we all have junk laying around in our houses and basements that we just plain old Don’t Want, or that we would like to donate to a good cause. The problem we have, or I have, (maybe I should speak for myself) is that it’s not enough to have a full blown yard sale. Guess what people buy at yard sales? JUNK! Guess who wants your junk? ME!!! Why? Back to my “great idea”. On Saturday July 17th, I am going to do a yard sale at 6664 Serena Ave Castle Pines (tentatively). If the HOA will not allow it I will find an alternative place. Alisa? Maybe your house? I have about 20 items and will get more, but no one is going to stop unless I can get a bunch of eye catchers. You know, like mass amounts of junk that catch the eyes of those weekend yard sale shoppers! I will do all the work of the yard sale but for anyone who is interested in helping out, all I would need is for you to drop off your stuff to me the day before. I will take one hundred percent of the proceeds and apply it towards the purchase of the items on Anim’s list. She can pick those items up directly in San Antonio. Depending on how many responses I get to this, it will determine whether or not I will be able to do this. Does anyone have anything that you would like to contribute?

Benefiting Baby William and making my heart glad!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

6 responses to “Hey guys this is Really Really important to me. I want to ask you to please just take three minutes to read this.”

  1. laurie sterner Avatar
    laurie sterner

    Great idea Larine…here’s another idea…if people buy her things at Bed Bath & Beyond, A LOT of times they will ship for free. I wish we lived closer – I’d be there helping in a heartbeat.

    1. Should we drop things off at the 6664 Serena Ave. address still? I would love to donate somethings.

      1. Yes! Don’t forget to come by Friday night to help me get everything ready we have a lot of pricing to do!

  2. Yes.. Please share the list anyway, that way we may pick an item and send the $ or as Laurie said get from a store that has a location there that can deliver or she can pick up?

    1. Thank very much! You are awesome! Just click on the Epidermolysis bullosa tab on the top of this site and you will see it on that log. Let me know if you don’t find it

  3. Hey sis, I have some things to add. We could of course do it here. I don’t have any room in the garage though because It is completely full of storage stuff from Matts grandmother. So it may be a challenge to figure out what to do with it at the end of the sale each night. I’ll call you and we can figure it out. Great ideas! Thanks for being such a strong suportive sister. Love you very much!

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