Update: May 19 2010.

Pictures from William’s first doctors visit outside of the NICU.

William is doing good! The first night home was a little rough but he is settling in nicely. “Getting sleep has been a challenge” says Anim. Her biggest concern right now, is William’s eye. His eyes are much like his skin, very sensitive. If he was to injure his top layer in any way, it can cause it to blister. Complications from this can ultimately cause blindness. One of his eyes is glazed over so she is asking for your continued prayers.

The other biggest challenge is his hands. He has learned how to chew on them thru the bandages which is making healing a challenge. For his development he does need to be able to do these types of things including propping himself up on his belly. It’s all about learning a good balance in what to allow him to do and not to do.

He is growing very fast. He is very long so he actually wears cloths that are for babies much older than he is. I got to hear his voice on the phone. He was doing all kids of cute little noises and cooing!

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