Update: May 10th. 2010 -William went home!!!

William went home last Monday. I was not able to chat with them because they were a little busy, as you can imagine. He did very well in the transition. He got to wear clothes for the first time two days before, to test it out. He looks so cute! They are renting a small little house just outside of San Antonio. Right now they have a nurse that will visit the house once a day for a few hours to help with his care. All of the bandage changes will be at home and he will see a doctor once a week, I believe. That will be minimized as time goes on and the real “Doctor” becomes Anim. At some point the parent actually begins to know more about this disease and how it effects their child better than anyone. I can see how that could happen. He is growing so much as you can see in the pictures. He is well over 10 pounds! Over all he is very healthy and strong internally. Last I heard, his feet and hands were still healing. He has a lot more small blisters all over but no major infections, which is the most important thing.

Right now I am working to help raise funds to help with their long-term needs in order to support William. More reciently, I am working to to try to find specific items that they have sent me that are needed for the short term. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Cammie Latta and her husband Buck. They have been working with their Church, Wellshire Presbyterian, to try to get some of these needs and items sent down to them.

If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of this list of items, I would be happy to forward it on. The biggest need right now, is a car. Or some sort of gas efficient transportation. Smaller needs are things such as baby T-shirts (100% cotton with no buttons or velcro that opens in the front). Prayers of course are very appreciated by them and all of your sweet thoughts and notes are as well! Here are a few new pictures of William, he say’s to send his love, “says Anim”.


2 responses to “Update: May 10th. 2010 -William went home!!!”

  1. laurie sterner Avatar
    laurie sterner

    Hi Larina…
    Send me the specific needs if you can…i’ll see what i can do!
    He is such a sweet little baby…glad to hear they are home~

  2. Chrissy Mercer Avatar
    Chrissy Mercer

    Great to hear they are home. I have two daughters w/ a form of the disease. It is inherited but is nothing compared to what this sweet thing has. When I get down about my little girls which happens a lot, I surf the web and realize how much worse it can be. I have my own way of draining the blisters that I figured out after my second child. I wasn’t really taught these things but learned on my own. I wonder if they have taught his parents a certain way to drain them? If she would like to know how I do it please feel free to give her my phone number. I am in Texas and I would be honored to talk w/ her at anytime. (409)722-1614 or (409)718-8995. Thank you and God Bless.

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