Needs List for William & his Family

Needs  –   Items in RED have been spoken for or are being provided!!!!

1. A car. -Right now they do not have a vehicle to get to and from the hospital or get around. This is more of a long term need. They are borrowing a friends car right now, but it keeps breaking down. Again, this is just a list and this is a big one so they don’t expect anything but just wanted to put the word out incase anyone knows of an incredible deal or something like that.
2. Baby eye drops – Special type needed daily that is not provided by insurance. Celluvisc and Lacri-Lube. One of the companies that carry them is called refresh. Availble at local drug store (over the counter).
3. Baby shirts. -What she needs is the Baby T’s that are usually used as undershirts. Very soft, like 100% cotton. They have to open in the front and be loose. Long and/or short sleeves with a soft tie in the front. Not velcro or hard buttons that can scratch him. The longer ones are really good because they can tuck them down into the diaper to keep the diaper tags from scratching him.  She said they could easily use 50 of them because he goes through them so fast. Any other really loose fitting clothes that are 100% cotton would be nice to have. He can not get hot so summer stuff is the best.
4. Soaps that he uses in his baths with saline bath water: Cetaphil. -This is a liquid soap. Dove bar soap too-The non scented mild kind. Dove Soaps
5. Baby toys -Any type that are for looking at, such as the type of mats with the hanging toys. Or things like flash cards, baby books, math dots and picture flash cards. Anything with music, he loves music and it really seem to sooth him. Right now they use a computer by is his bed to play songs. An ipod with an ihome or something that plays continuous songs that can be downloaded would be amazing or any kind of classical background music. Playmats and crib light up toys. Some Baby toys.
6. Bedding is a big need. For all of them, but also for William. Someone is giving them a crib but they will need lots of changes of sheets. They have to be really really soft (maybe a high thread count). One thing they have found that works really good are pillow cases. That is because they leave his diaper open so that they can see the instant he pees. That causes his sheets to get wet and have to be changed very often, nearly five or more times a day. Pillow cases that are long seem just the right size and are so easy to replace underneath him.  
Extra Shreet.
7. Puddle Pads are a great thing to have and right now they don’t have any of them.
8. They are going to need to get a really good Juicer & Blender. A good one would be really nice because they will be using it every day, or a couple times a day, to make soft foods for him.
9. His physical therapy is not covered by insurance so they are teaching her to do these exercises with him herself. These are to keep him stretching so that his scar tissue does not cause his movement to be restricted. One of the items that she will need for this, is one of those Exercises Balls. That kind that you see used in work-out videos, like pilates. (about knee high I guess). They other physical therapy items that he will need, she is not sure of just yet. I think those will come further down the road.
10. They are moving into a vacant house so any House Hold Items of course would be a huge help. Things like a toaster or the basics that people need when they first move into a new home. Furniture such as beds, couches, computer desk, decorative items etc. My Dad & his wife Maria and my 3 younger brothers and sister are moving from Mexico to come live with them so my Dad can help take care of William. So that is why they don’t already have these types of things.
11. TV and DVD player.
12. One thing that they have at the hospital that he loves and she would love to have at home, is a thing called a Glider -I guess it’s a bassinet that moves around. I found one online at target. I had never heard of it before. Fisher-Price 4 Way Cradle Swing N Glider  –
13. Lap top for Anim but also for showing videos or Music for William.
14: More Need sent from Anim:
(the house is wood/cabin/country style)
Crib (larger/not bassinet)
Kitchen utensils
Dishes (Sets of 10) – cups/plates/bowls
Silverware (sets of 10)
Pot sets (stainless steel)
Pans (cast iron)
Bunk-bed – and 2 single mattresses
Shelves – for 3 bedrooms, and 2 for living room
2 bedroom desks
Living room set
Rug – for living room
1 single bed – and mattress
1 double bed
1 queen bed/double bed – mattress for queen bed
television and DVD player
Entertainment center
ipod/MP3 player and speakers
laundry soap – hypoallergenic, w/out any dyes or fragrances added
changing table – without rail around it, and preferably with shelves
or drawers, for the dressing changes
Hooked on Phonics program
Flashcards – picture facts/colors/ shapes/ etc
Math Dots
kids books – preferably educational
UPDATED ADDRESS TO SEND STUFF: 35 Gunthrie Road Boerne, TX 78006
I hope this helps. I will let you decide which parts of it you want to use, and keep in mind that anything is a help big or small. Please let me know however else I can help.
Thanks again very much!
Thank you to Lauie Sterner so much for getting this swing, Beding  & all the baby stuff for William! She is going to be thrilled!

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