Update on William: April 12, 2010

I spoke to Anim this morning. She was on her way back to the hospital. They were going to do bandage changes. They were weening him off of the morphine but had to up the dosage back up yesterday because he had been feeling a little bad. He has a slight infection on his nipple from one of the blisters so they have started him on antibiotics. The good news is that he is eating really well. Some days his mouth looks really good, other days it bleeds while he eats, in spite of it, he still eats incredibly well. He is actually growing quite a bit. He is now nearly one month old. Most EB babys have a very big problem getting nutrition which causes them to have issues later in life from malnutrition. Thankfully that does not seem to be the case with William, at least not right now. He actually heals incredibly fast. One day he will have a horrible looking blister or infection and the next day it will be practically gone. The doctor actually said it’s unbelievable how fast he heals and he has never seen or heard of anything like it. He is such a strong little baby and has a lot of fight in him. His left leg is still the biggest issue but his other foot and hands are doing a lot better slowly but surely.

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